Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ender's Game (book)

i really like sci fi, so this book is really easy for me to love, but i think that for most people this would be a really good book in spite of book sci fi.

the book tell the story of an earth that was attacked by an alien force just to be saved by chance, and the training of a young boy that is been trained to be the leader of earth forces in the second and unavoidable war.

the story is toll from the perspective of ender during his training along other childrens, during this stage he star developing his skills and showing his leadership and combat skills.

this is a very great story and very well narrated, i highly recommend for you to read it

have you read it? what do you think? let me know


  1. I've not read it but I shall have a look, I do enjoy sci-fi =p. Currently reading one of the halo books which are quite good (if you like the halo universe)

  2. This has been in my to-read pile for a while, gotta dig it out from the back and open it. :P

  3. Haven't read it but sounds like I better, thanks for the recommendation!